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Protocol Development Groups

Protocol development groups (PDGs) can arise from research strategy workshops or are formed in response to funding calls or at the request of researchers. The IDRN provides administrative and academic support to protocol development groups and aims to ensure that the groups include appropriate multidisciplinary involvement. Protocol development groups provide an opportunity to explore potential research projects in more detail than is possible during research strategy days. Please contact us if you would like us to convene a group on your behalf.

Background work undertaken by the coordinating centre to support protocol development groups can include:- literature reviews to ensure the work is not duplicating existing work and to inform study design, conducting power calculations to assess the feasibility of projects, obtaining information on the likely numbers of patients available or conducting analyses of existing data that could inform the project.

A list of PDGs convened so far is below. If you attended a protocol development group, and require the minutes to be emailed to you, please contact us.

The groups that were convened are:

Risk factors and outcomes for hospital acquired antibiotic resistant infections
23 January 2002

Relationship between prescribing, AMR & outcomes in neonatal intensive care units
30 August 2002

Hepatitis C transmission in HIV+ patients
11 December 2002

Chronic HCV/HIV observational study, pulling together non-APRICOT treatment outcomes
12 December 2002

Evaluation on no cephalosporin policy v alternative policy
10 February 2003

Surgical prophylaxis and antimicrobial resistance
23 June 2003

Immediate ARV vs deferred ARV in TB-HIV co-infected patient
23 September 2003

Molecular tests for diagnosing infection & AMR (meeting convened in response to HTA call for bids)
25 November 2003

Anti-microbial resistance & complexity approaches
25 February 2004

Health Survey for England and infectious diseases research 
22 June 2004

What is the long term morbidity and mortality associated with IID?
03 February 2006

What is the natural history of Mycoplasma genitalium?
24 March & 26 June 2006

Carriage and invasion of multiply resistant ESBL-producing strains of Escherichia coli
21 September 2006, 19 February 2007, 19 March 2007 (teleconference), 16 July 2007

Potential reduction of healthcare acquired infections, via decontamination methods
16 October & 7 December 2006

IGRA use in tuberculosis disease
8 January 2008

Scabies as a healthcare-associated infection
2 April, 25 September and 23 November 2009

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