best detox drinks for thc drug test

These are the Best Detox Drinks for Drug Test

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Recreational drug use may have become more accepted by society these days, but the corporate world still takes a rather militant stance against it. So if your company announces a drug test, and you know that your body might be a little ‘contaminated’, it can really scare the heck out of you! What if you lose your job?

Fortunately, we’ve got a solution for you: detox drinks. Just make sure to follow the instructions, and take your dose, and you’ll be just fine.

But not every drink on the market will actually work for you. Some of them are super low-dosage with a fancy label pasted on. This can actually work if you’re a very, very light smoker and the test isn’t too sensitive, but when your job’s on the line, do you really want to take your chances?

That’s why we’ve assembled this guide to find the best detox drinks for drug test on the market today. We’ve drawn on our own experience in staying a step ahead of the tests, plus the testimonies of various other people who have tried detox drinks for themselves.

The Ultimate Best Detox Drinks Comparison Table

detxify mega clean
  • Virtually no preparation time
  • Proven and natural components
  • Pre-cleanse pills add power
  • Five-hour clean window
xxtra clean
  • Efficient detoxifying formula
  • Good enough if you’re a light user
  • Pills add to strength
rescue cleanse
  • Good strong formula
  • Cheaper than Mega Clean
  • Doesn’t need pills to work
ultra eliminex
  • No actual need for pre-test detox or habit changes
  • Just about the best possible formula on the market

How Detox Drinks for Drug Test Work?

Remember that old saying, ‘you are what you eat’? It’s true. Everything you eat, drink, and otherwise introduce into your body leaves its mark one way or another. When it comes to drugs, they interact with your body to produce substances that then take effect on you. These substances are called metabolites, and they’re the stuff that drug tests look for.

What goes in has to come out, and for the vast majority of things you ingest, that means by way of the bathroom. This is how urine tests catch you out: take a urine sample, and test it for the presence of drug metabolites. Since urine is freshly made every time you pee, a sample with positive drug traces mean that you definitely have been using drugs.

Urine tests are so common because they’re cheap, they’re not a hassle to collect, they give results quickly, and they have a good window of detection. Other drug tests can be too expensive, or take too long to get back, or can only see a few days back in terms of your drug use. Urine tests are the best deal companies can get for their drug testing purposes..and that means a lot of effort has been made to get around them.

Best detox drinks are specifically made to beat urine tests. They won’t work for anything else; not saliva tests, or blood tests, or hair tests. If you’re facing one of those, there are other products and other guides for them.

So, how do detox drinks for drug test help you against drug tests?

Lower-quality drinks are basically just water. They may talk all they like about added ingredients and how those will help, but these rely mainly on dilution, by flooding your system with enough water that the drug traces in your urine get lost in the volume. This only really works if you’re a light user.

If your habit is a bit more frequent and you want to be sure, then the downmarket stuff won’t work for you. The simple fact is that you can’t flush drugs from your system with one drink. 

So what do we look for in detox drinks?

You want a drink that has masking compounds. These will work for any drug thanks to their mechanism of action. A masking drink flushes out your bladder and the toxins in your urinary system, while also replenishing the nutrients there to give the appearance of everything being normal. If you provide a sample with no metabolites, there’s nothing for the drug test to detect.

This is why the drinks we reviewed above involved a lot of peeing before the test; that’s the masking at work. You’re getting rid of the tainted urine induced by the masking compounds, so the next batch you bring out for the actual test is a pure sample. However, after the window of effect passes, you’ll get drug metabolites in your urine again. Hence why we call the effect masking instead of detox; it’s not a proper cleanse-and-purify routine that the word ‘detox’ implies. You’ve still got all the drug traces in your system, they’ve just been temporarily barred from exiting via your urine.

Best Detox Drinks for Drug Test in 2019

We’ve chosen four particular best detoxifying drinks to feature in this article. Read on to see why we’ve picked them out.

1. Mega Clean Cleansing Drink with Pre-Cleanse Pills

Mega Clean Cleansing DrinkThis bright red bottle from Detoxify is your best bet in the world of detoxification drinks. Strictly speaking, it’s not just a drink; it’s a drink that works with a set of pre-cleanse pills. It’s specifically formulated for everyday users, so you know this is geared for heavy duty. Does it live up to the hype?

Directions are simple. First, cease all substance use for as long as you can before the day of the test. At the very minimum, you want to stop two days before the test, but longer is better, to give your body more time to work and flush your system.

One day before your test, take the pre-cleanse pills. Take one of them per hour, washed down with water. Then on the day of the test, take the cleansing drink itself. Drink the whole bottle, then wait fifteen minutes, refill the bottle with water, and drink again.

The window of effect starts at an hour after you’ve drank the detox drink, and stays for five hours. The best result will occur within the first three hours, so try your best to organize your drug test within those three hours. You’ll feel the need to pee not very long after you start drinking, so go do that; that’ll get rid of the urine tainted with drug metabolites so you can give a clean sample when it’s time.

It is a bit heavy on the wallet, but you do get what you pay for; there are very few reports of failure with Mega Clean, and most of those are from user error. Its other significant problem is that a lot of its power comes from the pills. It’s possible to use Mega Clean without using the pre-cleanse pills, but then it isn’t as strong as Rescue Clean, the next product down on the list.

The important thing to remember is that to get the pills, you have to purchase Mega Clean from certain online retailers. Mega Clean is available from stores like Walmart, but if you buy from them, they don’t come with the pills. If you’re not a heavy user, this won’t make much of a difference, though a longer detoxification period is advisable, to stay on the safe side. However, if you’re on the heavier side and have a frequent habit, try to get it with the pills, or look at our next product.


  • Virtually no preparation time
  • Pre-cleanse pills add power
  • Five-hour clean window
  • Easily available


  • Expensive
  • Not as powerful without the pills

2. Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

best detox drinks for weed testThis white bottle may be familiar to those of you who have dealt with drug tests in the past. Just because it has some years on it doesn’t mean it’s inferior, and Rescue Cleanse is here to prove that it’s still got what it takes to get you through a drug test. It’s made by Clear Choice, so you may see it under that name, or both put together.

It comes in two different sizes: 32oz and 17oz. To be absolutely safe, get the 32oz; use the 17oz only if you’re a light or occasional user. It’s a similar formula to Mega Clean: it’s not about an actual detox, it’s about masking. (We’ll cover that later, don’t worry.)

So, to properly use Rescue Cleanse, you want to detox as much as you can before the test. Rescue Cleanse requires a longer period: a minimum of three days with no substance use, and preferably longer. Further, eat absolutely nothing in the four hours before you drink Rescue Cleanse.

On the day of the test, shake the bottle thoroughly, and drink it steadily over approximately fifteen minutes. In the hour after that, pee as frequently as possible, as this will help in the flushing. Just like Mega Clean, you now have a window where you’ll provide a clean sample; up to five hours. After that, drug traces will again make their way into your urine. Remember, pee as frequently as you can after you drink, because that’s the body getting rid of the tainted urine.

In terms of effects, it’s a pretty damned good detox drink. Our own tests and user reviews have shown that it’s quite effective as long as you give it time to work. Compared to Mega Clean, it’s not as strong as the combination of Mega Clean and pills, but it’s stronger than plain Mega Clean with no pills.

It’s also cheaper than Mega Clean, but it’s not as easily available. You won’t find Rescue Cleanse at Walmart, for instance; you’ll have to go online to find a good shop that sells Rescue Cleanse.


  • Good strong formula
  • Cheaper than Mega Clean
  • Doesn’t need pills to work


  • Needs a longer detox period
  • Not as readily available

3. XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink

detox drink for drug testYou’ll note the same red bottle and tropical flavor as Mega Clean. That’s because XXtra Clean is from the same company, and in fact, has the same formula as Mega Clean, just formulated specifically for lighter smokers. Mega Clean is what you get when you’re a heavy smoker; if you instead have an occasional habit and you keep reasonably fit, then XXtra Clean is your thing.

Instructions should be familiar by now. Abstain from substance use for a few days prior to the test. On the day before the test, start on the pills, one per hour and wash them down with water. On the day of the test, drink the whole bottle, refill with water, and drink that down as well. For the next hour, urinate as much as possible. Clean window lasts from one hour after consumption and extends to five hours after.

User reports are largely positive, with reports of failure mainly coming from users with extremely heavy habits who were unable to get a full detox from drinks alone. For light users, it works like a charm.

Again, just like Mega Clean, it needs the pills for best effect. Occasional users can get by with just the drink alone, but a slightly heavier habit is better served with the pills. And just like Mega Clean, while it’s available on some store shelves, that’ll get you only the drink. Getting the drink with a set of pills requires that you buy it online.

To summarize, we recommend Mega Clean if want to be absolutely sure of a pass. If you only toke up three or four times a week, XXtra Clean will see you through.


  • Cheaper than Mega Clean
  • Good enough if you’re a light user
  • Pills add to strength


  • Too weak for heavy users
  • Needs the pills for real power

4. Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex

ultra eliminex detox drinkThose of you who have been dealing with drug tests for a while will be familiar with Herbal Clean. Their flagship product was QCarbo, which has rather wide availability; even today you can still buy it at Walmart. The problem with QCarbo is that its claims are doubtful, and despite stories of passing drug tests with it, there were a lot more reports of failures after using it than there were of passes. Even with a detoxing period, their strongest formulation doesn’t work.

Since their last product didn’t work so well, Herbal Clean have tried again with Ultra Eliminex. It’s a much stronger masking formula, working the same way as others.

Instructions are just like other drinks. Cease all substance use for a few days prior to your drug test. On the day itself, eat nothing in the four hours prior to taking Ultra Eliminex. Shake the bottle well, and drink the whole thing over fifteen to thirty minutes. Pee as much as you can in the hour afterward, then go on and provide your sample. Remember, the window is one to five hours after you finish drinking.

How effective is it? A lot more than others. We recommend the above steps to be absolutely sure, but we have testimonies from people on the heavier side with daily habits and bad diets. They didn’t even change any habits or do any detox, just took Ultra Eliminex. Then they provided a sample in the masking window, and passed.

When you have something that can give you a passed test without even any preparation beforehand, you know how powerful Ultra Eliminex is. Its main problem is that quality comes at a price; it’s much more expensive than the other drinks here. It’s best used as either an emergency measure, or if you want to be absolutely, positively sure about a pass. No matter how heavy your habit, it’ll get you through.


  • Just about the best possible formula on the market
  • No actual need for pre-test detox or habit changes
  • Practically a guaranteed pass


  • Hideously expensive
  • Not easily available

Cleansing Tips When Using Detox Drinks

Here’s where we toss a few pieces of advice that’ll help in cleaning your system out. The best detox drinks will work better over the long term, but once you get started, you’ll find it much easier to pass a drug test. Strangely, they also work as general lifestyle advice.

Moderation in all things. Not to say that you should give up weed entirely, just a little reminder that too much of a good thing may not always be good. Also, the less toxins you have in your system, the easier it is to detox. Consider it a little compromise between you and work.

Exercise frequently. Not only will it help you stay fit and healthy, but it’ll also help in cleaning drug traces from your body. THC in particular is very fat-soluble, and people with higher amounts of fat will have more cannabinoids in their system. Exercise burns fat, and with the increased circulation, will flush other drug traces from your body. However, those drug traces have to go through your bloodstream before departing the usual way, so if you have a drug test coming up, avoid exercise 24 hours before your test.

Water. Keep yourself hydrated. It’s just plain good advice. We’re not going to repeat the ‘eight glasses’ thing; just drink water often and whenever you’re thirsty.

Never give your first pee of the day as your sample; that’s the dirtiest one. You want to give them the third pee of the day, or even later. This is where the water helps; the more you pee, the more is flushed out and the easier it is to give the lab a later sample. And when you’re collecting that sample, give the middle of the stream.

Alter your diet. In particular, focus on vitamin C, antioxidants, and dietary fiber. For vitamin C, that means lemons and oranges and all the other fruits of the citrus family. For the other two, you want berries, kale, spinach, and beans. Basically, remember what your mom said and eat your damn vegetables. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants as well, so eat plenty of that! Antioxidants and fiber help flush toxins from your body, so load up on as much as you can.

Speaking of eating healthy, keep the junk food, soda, and alcohol to a minimum. Junk food especially, as it increases water retention, which can keep drugs in your system for longer.

Forewarned is forearmed. This isn’t a detox tip per se, but it will help with that. The more warning you have of an upcoming drug test, the more time you have to prepare. If there’s enough time, you could even run a full detox program instead of having to rely on the potential risk that comes with using a detox drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does detox drinks work for all drugs?

Yes! Assuming it’s the best detox drink. The mechanism of action takes place in your bladder: clearing out an old, tainted load of urine and replacing it with a cleaner sample, temporarily free of drug traces. This applies to all the drugs they test for, so no matter what it is you’re using, you’ll be fine. Unless your usage habits are too strong for your choice of detox drink, that is.

2. Can a drug test detect a detox drink?

 A perfectly understandable worry, as drug tests these days are known to pick up on anything out of the ordinary. Fortunately, the answer to this one is a solid no. There is no drink that incorporates any ingredient that a drug test will check for. The masking process is pretty thorough, but it’s accomplished entirely by natural ingredients, and a good drink replenishes the body’s own nutrients. As such, there’s nothing to draw the attention of any drug test.

3. Do I really need to pee that many times after taking the drink?

Yes, it’s necessary. The urine your bladder’s storing before you drink is the usual your body provides, and since you use substances, that means traces can be found in that sample. You have to get rid of that and let the drink do the work of giving you a clean sample in the window of effect. Besides, when it comes to urine tests, it’s good practice to never give your first pee of the day.

4. Where’s the best place to buy these drinks?

If at all possible, buy straight from the manufacturer. That’s your best assurance of quality, and you can be sure they’re not selling you an expired bottle. Some, like Mega Clean and XXtra Clean, are available at stores like Walmart; you can trust those as well. Most of the rest are available online, and a quick Google search of the product’s name will get you where you need to be.

We advise against buying from Amazon, as it’s difficult to verify the seller and product there. You could very well be getting expired product, or an incomplete set, and that’d be very hard on your drug test. Don’t take chances you don’t have to.

5. What’s the best of the detox drinks you recommended?

Without a doubt, Ultra Eliminex. That drink doesn’t care about your habits; as long as you give it the required hour to work, you’ll get a pass. The only problem is its sheer expense, and as long as you’re not an everyday worshipper at the altar of #420blazeit, you can get results just as easily with Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse. If you want to be absolutely sure, Ultra Eliminex is the way to go. If you’re concerned for your wallet but still want a pass, go with either of the other two.

6. Is there any way to detox in a day?

Not naturally. The body can and will detox itself, but it needs time to do that, especially as some drugs can stay in your system for quite a long time. Marijuana in particular can still be detectable in the body of an everyday smoker even after a month. No solution yet exists to completely clean out the body of drug traces in a day or two; the best we can get is masking, as we see in these drinks.

7. I’m not feeling confident about these drinks, are there other options?

Perfectly understandable. While we highly recommend Mega Clean, caution is a valid concern considering that your job’s at stake. If you feel drinks are insufficient, then it may be better to fake out a drug test another way: using synthetic urine. We cover the basics and best synthetic urine elsewhere on this site.

If you have time, then a longer detox routine may be advisable. Detox pills can be effective (we’ve reviewed them here), as we’ve seen with Mega Clean; time and a regimen of such pills are effective at cleaning your system out. Toxin Rid has created several plans of varying lengths, with their ten-day kit being capable of cleansing even a heavy everyday habit.

Besides drinks, we also cover the basics and best detox shampoos for hair drug test elsewhere on this site.


As an emergency measure, the best drinks can get you past a urine test. Some are stronger than others, so match your drink to your habit. Light user? XXtra Clean will do you fine. Everyday habit? Grab a bottle of Mega Cleanse. Need that pass and don’t have any time for a detox? It’ll hit your wallet hard, but Ultra Eliminex will get you that pass. 

Drink up and be confident. We’ve got your back.