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The Best Medical Grade Hair Detoxification Shampoos for Drug Tests

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Drug tests are scary! But if you come prepared, you can breathe a little easier.

As long as you’ve got either a great detox kit or some synthetic urine in the closet, you’ll be ready for almost anything.

But what if it’s a hair test!

Hair tests are a whole different animal from drug tests, and what works on a urine drug test won’t work for a hair test. Of course, there are solutions out there for hair tests as well, but do all of them work? They might not be as universal as urine tests, but they’re still common enough in certain industries that people have discussed how to dodge them.

That’s why we’ve picked out the best medical grade hair detox shampoos out there and tested them to see which ones work best. We’ve also looked at testimonies from people who’ve actually used them, and whether they’ve passed or failed.

So let’s look at the best medical grade hair detox shampoos on the market!

The Best Medical Grade Hair Detoxification Shampoos of 2023

Best Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo
  • This is the best hair detox shampoo existing
  • Good formulation and strength
  • Can stand on its own
  • Money back guarantee
ultra clean hair follicle shampoo
  • Excellent supplementary option
  • Still does its job of stripping toxins from the hair
  • Cheapest of all three
  • Hair Follicle Detoxification Shampoo
  • Good window of effectiveness
  • Good formulation and strength
  • Easily available
  • The Medical Grade Hair Detoxification Shampoo Selling Today

    #1.  Nexxus Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid

    Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo - Best Detox Shampoo for WeedAny discussion of detox shampoos will never be complete without mentioning the name that stands above all others: Nexxus Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid. It has to be Old Style. The original makers have since shifted to a new formula that doesn’t work nearly as well for our purposes.

    Go anywhere on the Internet that discusses a hair test and sooner or later, Aloe Toxin Rid comes up. It’s specifically formulated to really get into your hair and remove all the unwanted stuff in each strand, like chlorine, atmospheric pollutants, or impurities that dull the hair. It’ll work just as well with THC or any other drug.

    Unlike the other two, it’s a one-part formula. Just toss it into your normal shower routine: after you’ve rinsed out your typical shampoo, apply Aloe Toxin Rid, soak and rinse, then apply conditioner to help your hair recover. Also unlike the other two, it’s strong enough that you can use it on its own for a good hair detox, though this won’t help the truly heavy users.


    If you are a heavy user, then you can use it in combination with other shampoos and products for a more thorough hair detox method. Practically every hair detox method includes Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo Old Formula, and with its 99.99% success rate, as advertised by TestClear, it’s for good reason.

    Now you can get Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid directly from their Official Site at a discounted rate. Use coupon code:TESTCLEAR10” for 10% off all products you buy.


    • The best hair detox shampoo there is
    • Good formulation and strength
    • Can stand on its own


    • Only available from the one source
    • Pricey

    #2. Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo

    Clear Choice Hair Detoxification ShampooAlso a common feature on measures against hair tests, Clear Choice is of a similar formulation to Toxin Rid and Ultra Clean. It’s very similar to Ultra Clean, really, down to its multi-part nature. Clear Choice doesn’t include any conditioner, sticking only to shampoo and purifier.

    Use is the same: Start with the shampoo first, then put on the purifier. Remember to use up everything in both bottles, and get both in thoroughly, and give them a moment to work. Once you’ve rinsed out, you have an eight-hour window of effectiveness.

    Again, it’s not as strong as Toxin Rid, so it’s more of a supplementary application on the day of the test, or to finish off a hair detox method. On its own, it’ll only work for light users, so if you smoke a bit more than that, get some Toxin Rid to help it along.


    • Easily available
    • Good window of effectiveness


    • Not strong enough on its own

    #3. Zydot Ultra Clear Detox Shampoo

    Ultra Clean Detox ShampooOf course, Toxin Rid isn’t the only brand on the market. A few other shampoos have similar ingredients and are intended to do the same thing: get right into the hair and wash out toxins and pollutants. Zydot Ultra Clean is one of these, and it’s well known in the marijuana community, thanks to its use in the Jerry G method of hair detox.

    It’s a three-part formula, with each box containing a packet each of shampoo, purifier, and conditioner (The conditioner isn’t anything special, so you can easily discard it and use your preferred type).

    Apply half the shampoo packet first, as you would with a normal shampoo. Then apply the purifier, making sure to work it thoroughly into your hair and scalp. After you’ve rinsed that out, apply the other half of the shampoo packet, then condition as normal.

    The good news with Zydot Ultra Clean is that we can actually point to a study about its effectiveness. If you’re of a scientific nature, you can read the whole thing. For everyone else, here’s the summary: the study showed that application of Zydot Ultra Clean can reduce drug concentrations in hair, but not nearly enough to bring it below the detection threshold of a hair test.

    So why are we listing Ultra Clean here?

    As a detox method by itself, it’s not enough. However, as a supplement to Aloe Toxin Rid or as a component of a larger detox method, it works well. Ultra Clean shines best as the final ingredient of the Jerry G method, applied on the day of the hair test.


    • Excellent supplementary option
    • Still does its job of stripping toxins from the hair
    • Cheapest of all three


    • Not strong enough on its own
    • Three-part formulation a bit fiddly

    How Does a Hair Test Work?

    You are what you eat. Everything you take into your body affects your body. If it isn’t broken down by some means, it’ll enter the bloodstream, and from there, they can end up pretty much anywhere else. That includes your hair since it’s fed by blood vessels.

    Now, urine is removed from your body every so often, and blood always delivers what it’s carrying to where it needs to go in the body. But hair? Hair stays on your body, growing and growing, and everything that went to your hair at the time of growth is still there until it gets cut or falls out.

    So what does this mean for a hair test?

    The one area where a hair drug test reigns supreme is in the detection window, or how far back they can see that you were taking substances. A urine or blood test can see back a few days, maybe a week at most. A hair test can look back and see your drug use over the past ninety days. Much harder to hide that.

    The good news is that very light use won’t register on a hair test. You’ve got a lot of hair and a lot of ground for blood to cover before it can deliver drug compounds to all growing hairs, so drug traces are diluted by default. Even light users can get away with fewer applications of detox shampoo. If you’re a very, very occasional user, it’s possible that you haven’t got enough to show up in your hair. (Don’t rely on this, though. Better to be safe than sorry.)

    Other upsides: a hair test can’t detect when exactly you were using, only that you were. And a hair test can’t detect immediate use; if you’ve just started on the weed within five or six days, that’s not long enough yet for any traces to be picked up.

    So to get around a hair test, we have to strip the drug compounds delivered to your hair. Typical shampoos can’t do much of that, because they only target the surface layer. A proper detox shampoo does two things: first, it opens up the outer layer of hair, so that the rest of the shampoo can get into the cortex, the core of the hair, where most drug traces generally are. This is why most detox shampoos come in two-part formulas.


    Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid ShampooWhen everything’s on the line, we recommend using  Old Style Aloe Toxin Rida product with  a guarantee of 99.99% success rate. This product is the best way to clear toxins from your hair when you are in a nasty situation. You can get it directly from their Official Store at a discounted rate.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I’m a heavy user?

    Thorough and regular use of a detox shampoo should get you through most drug tests without too much hassle. If something comes up on short notice or you want to be really sure, then you can try a heavier-duty solution. The Jerry G and Macujo method are particularly rough on your hair, but they have proven effective at getting their user through a hair test. They’re a bit heavy on the wallet, but they’re well worth it. Especially if you want to be absolutely sure.

    We’ve a comprehensive step by step guide on how to pass a drug test on a short notice here.

    Any advice on hair care after all this?

    Hair detox methods are very hard on the hair and scalp, so if you’re friends with a hairdresser, get their advice as soon as you can. In the meantime, a bit of conditioner will help keep your hair in order. Stay away from any further chemicals or heat on your hair. If you can, buy some olive oil, warm it up, massage it into your hair, and let stand for half an hour before washing with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. It’ll help your hair stay nice and healthy after all the abuse you put it through.

    Read more: best detox drinks for drug test.

    Final Thoughts

    A hair test may be a daunting challenge, especially with how far back it can see your drug use. But it’s not impossible to take on, and there are ways you can improve your chances of getting a pass. Remember to stay off the substances while you’re detoxing. Light users can get by with a bit of shampoo alone, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.