Best Marijuana Detox Kit of 2023: Make Sure You Never Fail a Drug Test

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2-day toxin rid detox package

Over 62% of Americans favor the legalization of marijuana, but sadly, many corporate settings still frown upon the magical herb. Whether you’re an occasional cannabis user for recreation or you’re a big believer in its healing properties; a couple tokes should never be a hindrance to your opportunity for employment.

THC detoxing kits are becoming more popular and commercialized to cater to such needs, but which ones are actually effective? How many of them out there actually work? Could THC detox kits just be a scam? How do you know which one is right for you, and exactly how effective are they?

This article answers all those questions. We’ve scoured the Internet for the best, most effective THC detoxing kit of 2019 with the most bang for its buck. Whether you’re a seldom smoker or a constant chimney, rest assured, these kits won’t fail you.

It’s time to chill out (this is the last pun, we swear!) read on, and detox.

The Ultimate Best THC Detox Pills on the Market

Toxin Rid THC Detox Pill
  • Works for blood, urine and saliva test
  • Starts working as fast as one hour
  • Money back guarantee
  • No artificial ingredients
Best Detox Pills for Drug Test
  • Works for blood, urine and saliva test
  • Fortified with vitamin and minerals for better results
  • Works within 5 days
  • Stat Flush Detox Pills
  • Fully efficient cleansing formula
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Herbal Cleanse Drug Test Detox Pills
    • Fully efficient detox formula
    • Fortified with vitamin and minerals for better results

    Best Detox PillsEditor’s Choice: After scouring the Internet for the best, most effective THC detoxing kit of 2019. We’ve found Toxin Rid THC Detox to be the leading kit with the most bang for its buck. You can get it directly from their Official Site at a discounted rate.


     How Do The Best Marijuana Detox Kits Work?

    THC detox kits for cannabis usually work by ridding THC from your body, fast. It’s a little bit similar to going on a juice cleanse to get rid of toxins in your body; except these detox kits help eliminate THC specifically. These kits contain many different ingredients and steps that collectively work to help speed up your THC detox. Without a detox kit, THC can stay in your system anywhere from days to months, so if you have a drug test coming up, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    toxin rid's marijuana detox kitsSome components of THC detox kits are shortcuts, and rather than cleansing the body of THC, it simply masks or hides its presence in your system. Many use Marijuana detoxing kits in order to pass standard urine drug tests that most companies deem mandatory, whether upon hiring or annually.

    Make sure to read the packages and descriptions before purchasing, as well as the kind of drug test you’ll be taking. If you’re going to be required to take a hair follicle test, a THC detox kit may help but might not be enough.

    How Effective Are THC Detox Kits?

    If you’re an occasional smoker or even a newbie to the doobie, successfully detoxing THC will be a piece of cake. (Mmmm, cake.) If you’re a heavy smoker though, you’re probably going to need a stronger, longer detox.

    THC in cannabis is fat soluble, so it stays in your body’s fatty tissues for a pretty long time. This is also one of the reasons why you’ll hear some smokers say that all you’ll need to detox from THC is to hit the gym and burn the fat off. If you haven’t got the time or the energy to do that, a THC detoxing kit is definitely the way to save your butt.

    Although, it can never hurt to incorporate an exercise class or two with your detox to ensure that you’ll definitely be ready to pass that test.


    Best THC Detox Kits: #1 Most Highly Recommended Kit

    #1. Marijuana Detox Kit: Toxin Rid Detox

    10-day toxin rid detox

    The Toxin Rid Detox programs include detox pills, plus detox drinks to help rid your system of all toxins, specifically the THC (which is what the drug testers are going to test for). THC is short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is one of the more psychoactive components of cannabis.

    It’s also important to note that not all strains of marijuana have equal amounts of THC. Some may have higher or lower doses, depending on their use. Some strains as well are higher in CBD’s or Cannabidiol, which leans more on the medicinal purposes of the green plant. If you’re getting your cannabis from a dispensary, these levels of CBD and THC are regularized and available for the knowledge of the consumer to enjoy the plant responsibly.

    The Toxin Rid Detox program has packages starting from 1-day detoxes to 10-day detoxes. The number of days you will need to detox depends on how much cannabis, (specifically THC if the levels are available to you) you use, and how often.

    If you’re a first-time smoker or only seldom partake in nature’s drug, you will need anything from the 1-day to the 5-day detox kits. If you’ve been smoking for years, especially if you smoke practically every day or consume cannabis with higher levels of THC, you’ll need the 10-day detox kit. Extending the detox kit to more than 10-days should only be done under the advisory of a physician.


    How to Use the Toxin Rid Marijuana Detox Kit

    Detox kits usually include pills (check detox pills we’ve tested), a detox drink, and dietary fiber. When used together and in their correct order and doses, it becomes an effective detox to either rid the system of THC or mask it for a few hours.

    The Toxin Rid Marijuana Detox Kit typically comes with “pre-rid” or preparation pills, a detox liquid or detox drink, and dietary fiber (think along the lines of Metamucil or Miralax) Depending on how much you smoke, Toxin Rid has different kits for an effective cleanse.

    Toxin Rid mainly promotes 2 detox cleansing plans: 5-Day Detox and a 10-Day Detox. The 5-day Detox has 75 pre-rid pills while the 10-Day Detox has 150. Both kits come with detox drinks and dietary fibers that need to be taken with the pills. Toxin Rid detox programs can also be purchased in different doses, from 1-day detoxes up to 10-day detoxes.

    Tips to Making Sure You Get The Most Out of Your THC Detox Kit

    To make sure that the detox kit works its best magic, you need to follow the kit instructions to the T. No shortcuts! If you’re thinking of starting your THC detox with the Toxin Rid, here are a few tips:

    • Don’t skip pills! Follow the dosage as recommended—no more, no less. If you’re trying thinking that taking more pills will help speed up your detox, despite Toxin Rid’s safe ingredients, it’s best not to find out the hard way if they might do more harm than good. Trust the recommended instructions on the kits.
    • Stop smoking, ingesting, vaping, or consuming cannabis as soon as you start your detox. Doing both at the same time does nothing, and you’ll be wasting your money and efforts. To get the most out of your detox kit, stop all cannabis intake a week before starting your detox. Weaning off is not allowed! Go cold turkey!

    This part can be a bit of a dreadful step for those who use marijuana to help with their anxiety, insomnia, depression, or any other health condition. If you think you’re going to a rough time adjusting to the absence of your medicine, do your best to find temporary alternatives to help with your symptoms.

    • Hydrate! Drink lots of water. As with any cleanse or detox, water is absolutely crucial. Water helps keeps your nervous system and digestive system up and running its best so it can process and metabolize everything you’re putting into your body.
    • Bust out those gym shorts and work up a sweat. Exercising helps to eliminate toxins from your body and burn fat as well. Since THC is fat soluble, it hides our body’s fats. If you’re not much of a physical person, try to spend some time in a sauna or in some steam. Any little bit of sweating and physical exercise helps!

    Once again, I highly recommend you take advantage of special discount of  ‘buy 3 and save 10%’ promotion available at the Official Site.

    How Safe are THC Detox Kits, Specifically Toxin Rid’s Detox Kits?

    caution sign

    Many THC detoxes or THC ridding products on the market today overpromise and underdeliver. They claim to be effective, but completely ignore the damage the detox does to the body. Thankfully the detox combo kits offered by Toxin Rid helps to balance all aspects of your health while also suggesting some natural supplementary activities you can do to make sure you’re getting the most of your efforts.

    Toxin Rid uses ingredients that are safe for the body and helps to effectively and cautiously break down THC in the body, eliminating it through urine. Toxin Rid products won’t counteract with most other supplements and medications and most people can take it without experiencing any problems or complications at all. Plus, Toxin Rid’s products are certified vegan, kosher, and gluten-free!

    Although, as with everything, if you have a medical condition, allergies, or if you’re on prescribed medications, it’s always best to get your physicians approval before you start taking any THC detox kits.

    It always helps you to breathe a little bit easier when you get the all-clear from a medical professional. Your focus should be on completing your detox, so getting a second opinion from a doctor can help rid you of any anxieties about any side effects that could occur.

    Precautions About Taking THC Detox Drinks Without The Pills Or Fiber:

    There’s a myth to some THC detox drinks that need to be addressed. Despite the word ‘detox’ being in its name, a lot of so-called THC detox drinks don’t actually detox your body of THC. Rather, they mask the THC for a short period of time for the purposes of passing a drug test.

    If your purpose for detoxing is simply to pass a urine drug test, a detox drink can be a cheaper option compared to other detox programs since it’s a one-time purchase and a one-time intake. If this sounds like what you need, we highly recommend the Mega Clean Detox Drink.

    We also cover the basics and best THC detox drinks elsewhere on this site.

    How Much Do THC Detox Kits Typically Cost?

    The price of Toxin Rid’s detox kits start at $54.99 for a 1-day detox and can cost as much as $189.99 for a 10-day detox. Each detox kit contains a number of pills, detox drinks or detox liquids, and dietary fiber.

    Compared to other THC detox kits, Toxin Rid’s kits are a bargain, given its effectivity and variety of per-day kits available to purchase.

    Where Can I Buy THC Detox Kits?

    You can buy Toxin Rid’s THC Detox Kits on their OFFICIAL SITE as well as from some official retailers and select cannabis sites. Please check with your local customs laws if you plan on purchasing these products from outside the country.


    Toxin Rid’s THC Detox Kits are tried and tested and have glowing reviews all over the net. Compared to other detox kits, Toxin Rid gets the job done better than any other!

    If you have a few days before your urine drug test, Toxin Rid THC Detox has definitely got your back.

    If you stick to the recommended instructions on the package and take every precaution, you’ll pass with flying colors.

    Good luck!