Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Drink Review

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If you’re a frequent smoker (like I am), then you’re probably very familiar with this scenario:  

So you’re at a party, having fun, lighting up, and unwinding with friends. The next day, you get an alert from work saying that there’ll be a mandatory drug test happening next week. 

What the hell do you do!

There are lots of options to choose from when you’re trying to cheat a drug test. I’ve personally tried and tested almost every method there is for drug tests and I’ve found that there are two that work best: synthetic urine and a strong natural detox. Both are pretty solid options to pass a drug test, but which one is best?

Synthetic urine is a reasonably reliable option, but it comes with a lot of dangers and extra precautions. You have to prepare your sample, keep it in a tightly sealed container so it won’t splash everywhere, make sure it’s at the right temperature, and hide it well enough to not get caught. It’s an effective but risky method, plus you wouldn’t want to get caught with fake piss – laboratories are getting smarter which means they can easily detect fake pee if you don’t prepare your sample right!

This is why I stick to detox drinks because it’s too risky to get caught with fake pee. It’s easy, convenient, and you can be sure that they work. One of the brands that I rely on whenever I have a drug test coming up is Clear Choice, specifically their Rescue Cleanse detox drink. It’s a brand that has established itself as one of the most reliable detox drinks in the market. In this article, I’ll be talking about what it is, how it works, and if it’s really the brand for you.

What Is Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse?

best detox drinks for weed testRescue Cleanse is a detox drink by Clear Choice and comes in two sizes: 17oz and 32 oz. While you can opt to buy the 17oz bottle if you’re petite, I personally recommend you get the 32oz bottle instead just to be sure. If you’re over 200 lbs, then you should definitely get the 32oz bottle so you get the maximum dose of the detox drink your body needs to pass a drug test. 

Before you start drinking Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, remember that it doesn’t flush out all the toxins from your body but actually masks them for a few hours. It only removes the toxins in your urinary tract and bladder so your pee sample comes out clean. Not only that, it also adds extra vitamins and minerals to your body to help balance out the composition of your urine. 

How Does It Work?

Rescue Clean is really simple to use – simply shake and drink! They’re pretty straightforward, as are all detox drinks, and all you have to do is to follow every step precisely for it to work well.

Here’s what you need to do before using Rescue Cleanse:

  • Stop taking any kind of drugs at least 72 hours before the day of your test. This includes any nicotine or alcohol products, as well, so that your body has fewer toxins in it and won’t have a hard time flushing them out.
  • 48 hours before you drink Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, make sure that you avoid fatty food and get lots of sleep.
  • Don’t eat any meals at least 4 hours before you drink Rescue Cleanse the day of your test. 
  • Shake the bottle well and drink it for around 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Wait for 15 minutes after finishing the drink, refill it with water, and drink again for another 15 minutes.
  • For the next hour, you should pee at least three times so that the toxins can properly leave your body.

An hour or so after drinking Rescue Cleanse, you should be in ‘the clear zone’ which is the window where the toxins are masked from your body and lasts for about 5 hours. The peak performance of Rescue Cleanse is 2 hours into the clear zone, so that’s the best time for you to take your drug test.

Make sure to time this perfectly! Once the 5 hours are up, the drug metabolites will slowly show itself again in your urine. The detox drink will only work if you follow each step perfectly.

Is Rescue Cleanse the Detox for You?

Compared to other detox methods out there, I’d say that Rescue Cleanse is the most reliable and effective drink you can get, especially for its price. It’s definitely saved my butt a couple of times in the past!

Just for this review, I’ve tested Rescue Cleanse just to see if their formula still works. I’ve found that they’re still as effective as ever! After ordering my own Rescue Cleanse bottle, I followed the instructions exactly as it was written and tested it on a home drug test kit. As expected, my results came out clean, even though I smoked up a lot over the weekend. 

Your other option for a detox drink is Mega Clean. And while it is as effective as Rescue Cleanse, it’s twice as expensive, selling for around $70 as a bundle. Not only does it require you to buy the drink, but it also needs you to buy the pills that come with it. I’ve tried taking the drink without the pills with a home drug tester and my results showed traces of toxins, so the pills are essential for Mega Clean to work. I’d only recommend it if you’re short on time and need a detox plan that takes 24 hours to work. But otherwise, Rescue Cleanse is my top pick for efficiency and value for money.

rescue cleanse availability and price


If you’re looking for a great detox drink to help you pass your drug test, I would 100% recommend Rescue Cleanse. It’s cheaper than most, easy to drink, and really, really effective – so effective, in fact, that Clear Choice is giving you 200% of your money back if it doesn’t work!

The best part about it is that it won’t even break the bank, selling for around $55 at Other than that site, I don’t really buy Rescue Cleanse from anywhere else. It’s not available in smoke shops or local pharmacies, so you really have to double-check your sources before buying.

If you want to have a good time and a good job, look no further than Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse! If you’re a frequent smoker, it’s best to keep a stock of Rescue Cleanse bottles on hand for any emergencies – you’ll never know when you’ll need it!