Clear Choice Sub-Solution Review: Our Honest Review

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Sometimes we all need a little help to take the edge off after a long day at work. Some people like to use drugs to unwind, explore their mind, sleep, or just have fun, but laws in each country and state are different, and that can be a huge problem for regular drug users. If you happen to be in one of those jurisdictions that’s tough on drug use, then you might run into a drug test somewhere along the way. If you’re a bit worried that you’re not going to pass then there’s something that can help you beat that upcoming drug test: Clear Choice Sub Solution’s synthetic urine.

It’s been the formula of choice for many drug takers across the country looking to beat their drug tests. Clear Choice IS the clearest choice when you need that last-minute magic box to pass that urine test with flying colors. Your entire life should never have to be destabilized because of some measly occasional drug use!

Are there other formulations out there? Yes.

Is synthetic urine your only option to beat a drug test? No.

But stay a while and listen, and you’ll find out why I found Clear Choice Sub Solution to be the best, easiest, and most reliable way for you to pass that drug test.

Why You Should Buy
Sub Solution
Sub Solution is the best and most reliable synthetic urine on the market with over 99.99% success rate. It accurately replicates normal urine and comes with their patented heat activator formula.

What Makes Clear Choice Sub Solution So Reliable?

Sub Solution Synthetic UrineOne of the things that set Clear Choice apart is what their formula contains. A lot of substandard synthetic urine doesn’t contain the things that urine tests normally check for: uric acid, urea, and creatinine compounds. Other synthetic urine products don’t have these, which means they’ll definitely be flagged as artificial urine. Clear Choice has all that and more.

Another thing that makes Clear Choice stand out is how the mixture itself is prepared. While a lot of brands give you liquid synthetic urine, Clear Choice has successfully managed to package its formulation in a powdered state. Before you dismiss this as a fancy gig, here are the reasons why that’s so important:

    • Having it in a powdered form means the components won’t mix or settle while in packaging. It means you can mix the sample only on the day that the drug test is being given, and you can keep extras lying around just in case.
    • A powdered form is easier to work with—no need to worry about drips or spills when you’re handling this formula!
    • It’s also less suspicious. People might start asking questions if you bring a container of urine with you on the day of the drug test, but you can easily explain a powder away as a seasoning for your lunch or something.
    • Not having it in a liquid form means it isn’t subject to other stuff that can mess with liquids like heat, cold, or other kinds of contaminants.

Lastly, you can be sure that the good folks at Clear Choice really know their stuff. They’ve had more than a decade of experience developing their product, constantly updating their formula and keeping ahead of the newest testing methods. Whenever I get a box Clear Choice, I KNOW I’m getting the latest and the greatest in synthetic urine.

Where Can I Get Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Since Clear Choice is such an in-demand product, you can easily get it from a lot of resellers and third-party sales sites. However, we recommend that you only get it from the official manufacturer’s site, since there’s less chance of you getting scammed or getting a subpar product that way.

Fair warning though: since drug and urine testing has become more widespread, you’ll need to shell out some money for Clear Choice as I did. It’s not a small upfront purchase, but in the grand scheme of things, something definitely worth your money if you want to pass that test.

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How Do I Use Sub-Solution Urine?

Let’s say you’ve just gotten wind of your upcoming drug test, went ahead and got your box of Clear Choice, and are checking out the contents. Each kit should contain three things:

  • The powdered formula
  • The heat activator
  • The mixing container

person thinkingUsing it simple: toss in all the ingredients in the container, mix thoroughly till powder fully dissolves, and you should end up with a sample that looks a lot like real urine. It’s best to do this a couple of hours before your drug test since it can only hold that form for 8 hours max. For best results, use lukewarm water.

If you’re wondering about the heat activator, that’s simply a better way to make sure your fake sample looks like the real deal. When people pass urine, it’s at a warm temperature of 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Passing a room-temperature sample is one of the easiest ways to trip up someone using fake urine, but Clear Choice has you covered.

After mixing all the ingredients thoroughly, simply apply the heat activator before you need to hand over your sample. There’s an indicator strip along the side that’ll turn green when it’s at optimal temperature, and it just needs a little over a minute to take effect. Then all you need to do is to cap the sample, remove the indicator strip and wait your turn.

Why You Should Buy
Sub Solution
Sub Solution is the best and most reliable synthetic urine on the market with over 99.99% success rate. It accurately replicates normal urine and comes with their patented heat activator formula.

Final Words About Clear Choice Sub Solution

A word of warning: once you do actually get all the compounds in, don’t open or play with the sample! You never know what other contaminants are there in the air that can get in. After mixing, the only other time you should open the bottle is when you apply the heat activator and hand it over for testing.

If you’re worried about how your gender can affect how Clear Choice works for you, no need to worry. The formula doesn’t differ from male to female, so no matter who you are and what your lifestyle is, Clear Choice can definitely work for you.

And there you have it—a tried and tested product with years of experience in development and a company committed to helping its customers pass their drug tests. If you still need proof about how Clear Choice Sub Solution urine works, hop online to any drug forum or do a quick internet search. You’ll see hundreds of satisfied and relieved customers.

So if you have an upcoming drug test, there’s no need to panic! Simply order your box of Clear Choice from their Official Site here, and wait till the day of the test. With a little care and some patience, you won’t have to worry about test results at all.