Does Synthetic Urine Expire and How Long Does It Last

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How Long Does Fake Piss Last For? Shelf Life and Expiration Explained

test samples in beakersWhether we like it or not, companies and private organizations implement drug tests as a means to keep their workplace “safe”. However, this means that whatever you do outside your work hours can have serious ramifications if you’re not careful. Most people grit their teeth at this procedure, keep themselves clean prior to the test, and pray that Lady Luck smiles upon them. Others, however, resort to more resourceful means, like submitting a fake urine sample, so they can enjoy their freedom on the weekend.  

If you’re reading this, you must have been the latter I mentioned. You must have decided to go down the unbeaten path of using fake pee to pass a drug test (guide on how to pass a urine drug test here). That is perfectly fine. We salute you for looking up solutions instead of staying put and relying on luck.

But what if you still have some of that sample lying around? Or if your drug test suddenly got moved to another date and you now have an unused bottle of fake pee in your hands? Can you still use it? And how long can you store it?

Does Synthetic Urine Expire?

Yes, like any manufactured product, synthetic urine has an expiration date and a shelf like.

Most synthetic urine products have a shelf life of 2 to 3 years depending on the brand and means of storage. BUT, there are many ways to store synthetic urine properly and maximize its shelf life. Weather conditions such as high humidity and dust can also affect the quality and shelf life of your synthetic urine. PH and Creatinine levels can substantially deteriorate if a sample is left open and exposed to oxygen. Thus, one of the most important tips in prolonging the shelf life of synthetic urine is to not expose it to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you still use expired synthetic urine for drug tests?

worried beautiful ladyAbsolutely not. In fact, even real human urine expires quickly once it leaves the body, which is why samples are stored quickly and immediately used as specimens.

There is a reason why synthetic urine has shelf-life. The enzymes that mimic the qualities of real urine would have deteriorated by the time it goes beyond its expiration date. You’ll even see a difference in its visual consistency.

Can I store synthetic pee in an opened bottle?

It is highly recommended to store synthetic pee in an airtight bottle. Exposing it to oxygen can hasten the deterioration of its physical and chemical properties and shorten its shelf life. This is why synthetic urine always comes packaged in airtight pouches to prevent oxygenation.

An open bottle can also expose the synthetic urine to bacteria and other pollutants to air. These can mix with the sample and before you know it, the sample won’t be healthy and fresh enough to fool the drug screening machine.

To ensure that your synthetic urine gives the best results, don’t open your sample until the day of the test and prepare the solution only if you’re about to use it. Otherwise, you can store it in a closed bottle and refrigerate it in the meantime.

Can I reheat synthetic urine?

Yes, you can. In fact, it is highly recommended that you heat your synthetic urine before you submit it for a drug test. This is why most synthetic urine packages come with heating elements.

kitchen microwaveIf in case you already opened one, you can keep reheating your synthetic urine using your microwave oven and a microwave-safe bottle. If you’re going to use a microwave for reheating, make sure to set the timer to just 10 seconds and use the temperature strips that came with the package. Real human pee’s temperature is between 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep heating your sample in increments of 10 seconds until you reach the right temperature.

Aside from your microwave, you can also use hand warmers. Not only are they readily available, but hand warmers are also small and easy to hide, making them an efficient tool to use to heat your synthetic urine samples.

With enough practice, you can also use your own body heat to warm your synthetic urine sample. For men, the most recommended areas to do this would be the crotch area and the areas around the inner thighs. For women, this would be the armpits, between the breasts, and around the crotch area. All you need to do is to tape the sample around these areas just before submitting it for the drug test. Take note, however, the body heat can fluctuate depending on your environment and activities. If you’re going to do this method, make sure to do your own tests first so that you can check if you’ll be able to reach the right temperature on your sample. 

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How Can You Make Synthetic Urine Last Longer?

We’ve mentioned before that synthetic urine has a shelf life of around 2 to 3 years depending on the method of storage. If you have started storing your sample already, make sure to check for these three qualities before you start using your sample again.


color observation tubesBefore you use your sample, make sure to check the color. Synthetic urine loses its natural color and darkens over time. A darker color is not only a red flag, but it will also be easily be detected as fake by the drug screening machine.


Mother Nature has taught us that if anything smells foul, it has either become spoilt, rotten, or even hazardous. This is not only true with food, but it is also true with synthetic urine. Although urine itself already has a pungent odor, drug test technicians can instantly tell if a urine sample came from a human or not. If your synthetic sample is already emitting a strange odor, then it means that you have stored it badly, and that it needs to be thrown away.


You can’t submit a stored sample right away. You need to make sure that it’s within the acceptable temperature which is around 98 degrees Fahrenheit—the normal body temperature. If you’ve been storing synthetic urine, make sure to heat it properly before submitting it for a drug test. We’ve mentioned before that you can do so using either a microwave oven, a couple of heating pads, or your own body temperature.

If in case you already opened a synthetic urine package and you haven’t started storing your sample yet, here are a couple of ways that you can store it.

A Clean and Closed Container

two flasks filled with urineExposure to oxygen can ruin anything, from food, metals, to even synthetic urine. An opened synthetic urine sample should be stored in an airtight container at all times either before you submit it or if you’re just going to store it somewhere. Also, make sure that the container is sterile enough for storage. Bacteria can breed on the sample because of an unclean container and that can definitely trigger a fail on any drug test.


Refrigeration is always a good method in preserving anything, especially synthetic urine. If you already opened your sample and don’t have any plans to use it in the next day or so, then it’s recommended to store it in the refrigerator.


Synthetic urine products are always created equal, so make sure to check the manufacturer’s website or the labels on the sample’s package for information on how to best preserve them. Otherwise, follow the advice we have provided above. Always remember top synthetic urine kits are made to mimic real urine and thus, should not be exposed to external contaminants. Make sure to seal your sample properly and keep it within the ideal temperature range.