THC Hair Detox – Clean Your Follicles With These Home Remedies

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Picture this: You’re trucking along happily on your job, doing what you need to do to earn a living in this money-hungry world. Everything’s perfectly fine – until a memo comes down from management.

You’ve got a drug test scheduled in two weeks.

It’s a hair test.

And you started in on a good supply of high-quality weed just three weeks ago.

There’s no need to worry about keeping your job. Every problem has solutions, and we’ve got just the thing for hair tests.

What’s With the Hair Strand Test?

Hair tests have grown more common because they offer something that urine and saliva tests can’t do: They can detect habitual drug use. Urine and saliva tests only detect whether drugs are currently in your system, so if you’ve stayed off them for the past few days, they can’t see a thing. Hair tests, on the other hand, can see drug use back up to 90 days.

This lets employers have a different look at their employees. Plus they’re hard to beat. A urine test, you can switch out your sample for something else. A hair test? The lab sends someone down to collect your hair directly from you. (So if you were a ninja who could break into the lab and switch out the hair sample they took, it’s still possible.)

Why hair, you ask? That’s your body at work. It’s all down to the bloodstream (hence why blood tests are so effective at checking for drugs; they all end up there, eventually) and where it goes. What goes in must come out, hence urine tests. But they can also come out another way. Every hair follicle in your body is fed by a blood vessel, and the drug compounds in your blood also get incorporated into the hair as they grow.

Passing hair follicle test is not hard, it has a notable weakness, in that it can only track habitual use, as you have to be doing enough drugs to circulate through your bloodstream and deposit in your hair in notable concentrations. Also, because it takes time for hair to grow, hair strand test can’t detect immediate use. If you only started weed in the past three or so days, you’re fine.

Now here’s how we elude the eye of Big shaving

Science. It works.

So, with the knowledge that your hair carries drug compounds, the answer is simple enough: Get rid of the drug compounds. No drugs in the hair means a pass on the hair test. We’ll do that with science! (Also by using a bunch of different things, but science is catchier.)

The Classic Treatments

Worry not; you’re not the first person to stress out over hair tests, and a good few people have come up with their own solutions. You’ll hear two main methods when it comes to cleansing your hair: the Macujo or Growman method, and the Jerry G method.

1. The Macujo Method

The macujo method is the older of the two, having come up on sometime in the early 2000s. It’s also called the Growman method, after user Growman, who employed it and then posted about it on the site in 2007, hence popularizing the remedy.

You’ll see this one most frequently discussed when searching for ways to pass a drug test. It does exactly what we need it to do: cleanse your hair and remove the drug compounds, hence letting you pass despite your use. Note, however, that it’s pretty hard on the strands, and the substances used may irritate your scalp. Also, stop all use before treating your hair. Putting the stuff we just took off right back in is counterproductive, after all.

Okay, you’re going to need to run down to the store for a few things. And you may need to hit up Amazon for the rest. Today’s shopping list calls for vinegar, salicylic shampoo (Clean & Clear or Neutrogena T-Sal if you want specific brands), laundry detergent (the original Macujo calls for Tide liquid detergent) and above all that, Nexxus Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo.

Important note with the Aloe Rid: You want the old formula. The new stuff doesn’t work as well, so make sure you’ve got the old formula. It’ll say so on the bottle.

After the groceries, we can then move on to the actual process. First off, with liberal amounts of warm water, get your hair nice and wet. Once it’s wetted, break out the vinegar, with exceptional care. Massage the vinegar into your hair, but be careful not to get it into your eyes or ears, because vinegar in your sensitive spots stings.

Once it’s in there, don’t rinse it out just yet. Apply your salicylic shampoo, and again, make sure it’s thorough. With the acids in your hair, let them do their work. Half an hour should do. While you wait, wrap up with a shower cap or a towel around your hair, and go find something to do while the acids are busy.

When the half-hour is up, rinse out your hair. With your hair appropriately treated one way, we then go for the Aloe Rid, so apply it thoroughly, right down to the scalp. Once you’ve finished, do it again, so yes, that’s two applications of the Aloe Rid shampoo to be dead sure we’re getting it all out.

After finishing with the Aloe Rid, the last step is to apply the liquid detergent. Just like the vinegar, use with exceptional care, as we’re trying to clean out your hair, not establish another reason for regret. Use sparingly, until your hair starts squeaking.

That’s the full course of the procedure, but doing it once is generally insufficient unless you’re a really occasional user. If you’ve done a bit more than a joint every month, you’ll want to do it more. The recommended period is to do it five times over the three days prior to your drug test.

As previously said, this is hard on your hair, so those concerned may wish to apply conditioner. If you do, wait an hour before doing so. Also, the scalp may be irritated after application, with a notable ‘burning’ feeling. This is normal, though spacing out treatments may be advisable to let your scalp recover.

If you want to pass your hair follicle drug test, you’ll need Aloe Rid shampoo, Buy Now From the Official Store.

2. The Jerry G Method

This second method comes to us from the depths of 2008, from Its name comes from the original user, who went by the username of Jerry_G. It’s just as effective as the Macujo method for beating hair tests, but it comes with its own downsides.

For those who aren’t interested in doing the same procedure over and over, good news: the Jerry G only needs three applications. The trouble is that it’s a hell of a lot harder on your hair. No two ways about it; your hair will get damaged if you perform the Jerry G, and a lot of users get a haircut after finishing with it. As with the Macujo, remember to stop all use before beginning the treatment.

Today’s shopping list will need you to stop by the hair care section. We want peroxide bleach, and permanent hair dye with ammonia (natural dyes don’t work as well). The dye has to be of your natural hair color, that way nobody thinks you’re trying something weird when a hair test is coming up. Beyond that, you want Aloe Rid and Zydot Ultra Clean shampoos, and remember, only the old formula will do, with Aloe Rid. The last item is baking soda.

Those of you with hair care experience can probably guess what the process involves, and are wincing at the thought. For those of you not so experienced, you might want to grab a hairdresser or someone who’s bleached their hair for assistance. All this is because the Jerry G method is simple, in that it involves bleaching your hair then dyeing it back to its natural color.

We start the whole process on the same day that you stop using. Apply the peroxide and get your hair bleached. Once that’s finished, dye it back to normal color. Once the dye holds, apply Aloe Rid and wash as normal. Listen to your hairdresser friend if they’re around, for best results. As a hair care note, don’t blow-dry after this step, as your hair has already been weakened by all the product, and it might break under the heat.

Repeat the bleaching and re-dyeing ten days after the day that you stopped. If the test is scheduled on a date before then, perform this as close to the date of the test as possible. No difference in application.

On the day of the test itself, we break out the baking soda. Make a thick paste of the soda and water, and once it’s ready, massage it into your hair and scalp. Make sure it’s in there deep. After you finish with the soda, rinse out with another application of Aloe Rid.

The Jerry G is largely cheaper than the Macujo, and there’s no risk of burning or irritation the way there is with the other method. The downside is that the timeline is rather rigid; some users who tried a shorter period between the two applications of bleach and dye reported failure on their drug tests. And, of course, the amount of damage it wreaks on your hair is an important consideration.

Other Home Remedies

These products have been noted as being helpful when it comes to passing hair tests. Some of them even have studies backing their efficacy. Note, however, that these work best either when used over a long period, or if you aren’t a habitual user. Those with a bigger per-day habit may find the above two methods more useful.

Detox Shampoos

hair detoxifying shampoosA good few detox shampoos (full list of top shampoos here) have been noted to decrease the concentration of drug compounds in your hair. Only reasonable, as the purpose of shampoo is to clean out your hair, and some shampoo formulas really get in there to make sure your hair’s clean. If they can take out dirt and oils, why not the drugs your blood carried up there?

Best reviews go to Nexxus Aloe Toxin Rid, but only on the old formula; the new blend doesn’t work nearly as well as the old one, so make sure you’re buying the right stuff. Other proven brands are Zydot Ultra Clean and Clear Choice, with Ultra Clean having actual backing from a study. (Of course, note that drugs were still detectable; on the other hand, that was one use.)

Again, as with the home remedy methods above, it’s best if you cease substance use in the time leading up to your hair test. It’s possible that constant use of these detox shampoos could keep your hair pure enough to pass, but that’s an iffy bet, and it’s best not to take too many chances with your drug test.


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The Acidic Solution

For light users, the component parts of the Macujo method might work, without having to do the full procedure. A wash first of vinegar, then of salicylic acid (using the shampoos named earlier) should clear out some of the compounds still in your hair. Remember, be careful not to get any of it into sensitive spots.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Bet you never expected this much mileage out of baking soda. This is similar to the final stage of the Jerry G method: make a paste of baking soda, then massage it thoroughly into your hair and scalp. Let it sit a few minutes, then rinse it out with warm water. Follow up with a rinse of vinegar, again massaging into your hair and scalp.

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Wrapping Up

Hair tests are a drag, sure enough, but with enough time, there’s a way to beat them. Heavy users will find your best mileage with the Jerry G and Macujo methods, as they are thorough in their cleansing, and it’s better to be safe than sorry if you’ve got a substantial habit. Light smokers can use the same methods, or some of the lighter applications, though a good and thorough cleansing is still recommended to be absolutely sure of getting all the drug traces out of your hair.

This goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: remember to stay off the weed while you’re detoxing your hair, because it’ll just put back what you spent all your effort to remove. Also, secondhand smoke will affect you, so make sure your toker friends also know that you’re on a detox, and not to burn one down near you.

We wish you the very best of luck! Remember to be careful in applying your hair cleansers, run pre-test using a home test kit (read more), and may your results return negative.