how to keep urine warm

How to Keep Synthetic Urine Warm

Get the Right Temperature for Drug Tests and How to Heat It Up

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Even though cannabis has now been fully legalized in eleven states in the US, we’re still stuck in the dark ages when it comes to our corporate drug usage policies. Employers still think smoking a joint off-the-clock is a fireable offence.

That’s why so many manufacturers have made various synthetic urine products to help users pass random drug tests and avoid getting fired. What’s interesting is that some of these manufacturers are actually the same companies that help calibrate urine testing instruments; talk about mixed loyalties.

Thanks to synthetic urine products, passing a drug test is now easier than ever. With that said, getting a passing grade still requires a bit of finesse. One of the major things you have to worry about is the temperature of your fake sample.

Why Should Synthetic Pee Be Warm?

urine sampleYour body is constantly maintaining an internal temperature of approximately 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s why your urine is so warm when you pee it—human urine, upon expulsion from the body, typically has a temperature of 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you submit your pee sample to a drug testing center, the first thing they’ll do is check its temperature. If it doesn’t line up with that 90-100-degree temperature range then that could only mean that you gave a pee sample in an attempt to cheat the system.

Remember: Failing a drug test might cost you your job. But getting caught trying to cheat one can land you in jail!

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How to Keep Urine Warm and Get the Temperature Right

Most synthetic pee kits are designed to be stored for months or even years at a time. This allows you to buy a kit at any time, and then keep it close by, ready for any random drug test that might come throughout your career.

But when the time comes, the fake sample in your kit will be settled around room temperature. You’ll need to heat it up to the right temperature before you hand it in.

To solve this problem, most synthetic urine kits come with heating pads and temperature strips. When you activate the heating pads, you start a chemical reaction which keeps your pee sample warm. Quickly press the heating pad between the included belt loop and the bladder. You’ll then use the temperature strip to watch for the correct temperature.

Most kits have heating pads that work for up to 8 hours. This means that you can trust that your pee will still be warm by the time you need it. You should also make sure to press the synthetic pee flask against your body, this extra warmth will work with the heating pad to keep your sample at a consistently warm temperature when you’re on the way to the test.

How to Keep Pee Warm (Both Gender)

While the heating pads are there to keep your fake pee warm, you need to be able to rapidly heat your sample to the right temperature in the first place. There’s a variety of other methods that you can use to get your synthetic urine warm.


kitchen microwave to keep pee warmMany synthetic urine kits tell you to heat the urine in a microwave before strapping on the heat pads. The microwave is a very fast and efficient way of getting your synthetic urine sample up to the 90-100 degree Fahrenheit range.

Simply pop your sample directly into the microwave and heat it at the lowest power setting for about ten seconds. Check the sample against the temperature strip and make sure it’s inside the desired range. If the sample isn’t quite there yet, reheat for another ten-second period. Once you’ve reached the right temperature, use the heating pad and press the sample against your body.

You need to be very careful to not overheat your sample beyond the 100-degree point. If your sample gets too hot, important proteins and organic compounds in your sample might break down, which could cause you to fail the test.

It’s also important to be discreet about heating something in the workplace microwave. The fake pee sample vial might draw suspicion, so you have to hide it among other items to be heated.

Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are actually somewhat similar in principle to the heating pads included with your synthetic urine kit. Like those pads, hand warmers make use of a chemical reaction that generates heat.

To use a hand warmer with your pee sample, open up the hand warmer packet and follow the instructions to activate the hand warmer, whether that means shaking the chemicals or exposing the packet to air.

Once the hand warmers have started working their magic, press them up against your synthetic pee until the temperature strip shows the correct reading.

Some people recommend using two hand warmer packets at once to speed up the heating process. Hand warmers are cheap so you can feel free to experiment as you wish.

Heating Pads

Because the heating pads included in your synthetic urine can last up to 8 hours, you can also just use them to warm your sample up if you have time. This method will take longer than the others, so only do this if you don’t have access to any other heating methods and you have enough time to prepare.

Heat Activator Powder

Some synthetic urine kits, like Clear Choice Sub Solution, don’t have the traditional sample-and-heating pad combination. Instead, they come with a substance called a heat activator powder, which is usually lithium chloride.

To use heat activator powder, mix warm water, synthetic urine powder, and the heat activator powder. Typically, one-third of the included heat activator powder is enough to get you to the correct temperature.

With heat activator powder, you don’t need to look around for other heating sources such as hand warmers or microwaves and the reaction takes place much more quickly than heating pads. Just be careful not to add too much powder or else you risk overheating and invalidating your sample.

Body Heat

One way of warming your fake pee up to your body temperature is, quite simply, to press it against your body. You’ll want to press it against skin that isn’t exposed to the air so it stays as warm as possible. This often means your inner thighs or genital areas.

For best results, keep your sample inside your underwear, or strap it to your upper thigh with a belt designed to hold the synthetic urine flask.

Using body heat is the slowest method of heating your fake pee, so only do it if you have no other options or if you have plenty of time.

How Often Can Synthetic Pee Be Reheated?

Sometimes you’re faced with what looks like a random drug test, and then you heat up your pee sample—only to not use it after all! You just wasted your heating pads, and now you might be wondering if your synthetic pee was ruined as well.

Thankfully, as long as you didn’t overheat the sample, you can reheat the sample later on. Most fake pee products have very long shelf lives and can be heated, cooled, and reheated as many times as you need before their expiry date.

The Best Fake Pee Kits With Included Heating

Sub Solution Synthetic UrineAt, we’ve put in extensive effort into testing and reviewing various synthetic pee kits. We don’t evaluate kits just on their ability to pass drug tests, but also on how convenient and well-designed they are, especially for emergency situations.

In our testing, we’ve determined that Sub Solution is the ideal choice for a synthetic urine kit that can be safely stored for long periods of time. 

Sub Solution contains a carefully balanced formula of synthetic urine that is created using a high-quality laboratory process. Every sample of Sub Solution contains the exact same pH level, specific gravity, and chemical makeup as real human urine. It also contains important compounds that many other synthetic pee products fail to include, such as urea and uric acid. It even includes a foaming agent to make it even more realistic.

Included in each Sub Solution synthetic urine kit is a heating pad that you can strap to the urine sample bottle for one hour, which will heat it to the correct temperature of between 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating pad will continue working for about 8 hours, keeping it in that temperature range consistently.

Sub Solution is the most trusted product in the drug test world for good reason; it will not fail you if you use it correctly.

The Best Seller
Sub Solution
Sub Solution is the best and most reliable synthetic urine on the market with over 99.99% success rate. It accurately replicates normal urine and comes with their patented heat activator formula.


There are many methods of warming your pee sample before you submit it to your drug test. You can mix and match these methods depending on your needs and the amount of time you have to prepare.

What’s important is ensuring that your method doesn’t damage your sample by overheating it, you also need to make sure that your sample is actually the right temperature by the time you submit it.

Choose a good synthetic pee kit and have pee warming methods on standby, and you’ll be ready to pass any random drug test that you encounter!