The Macujo Method Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Picture this: You’ve got a hair test coming up. Maybe it’s pre-employment screening, maybe it’s a ‘random’ drug test at work. This is all well and good if you’re clean and sober, but if you like to party then you might have a problem!

Luckily there are a couple solutions to pass the dreaded ‘ hair test’.  We’ve tried and tested all the evasive methods for, and we found that by far the most effective is ‘The Macujo Method’.

The Macujo Method

lady shampooing her hair using the Macujo methodThe Macujo Method is one of two particular hair detox routines commonly seen in relation to hair follicle drug tests. It’s been bouncing around the internet ever since the early 2000s, and it’s seen regular use ever since by casual drug users looking to keep their job.

It’s rather simple, but it can lead to some damaged hair. You’ll need some ingredients and a minimum of three days. And of course, before starting on the Macujo method, you should stop all substance use. The less THC the ingredients have to deal with, the better you’ll fare at the drug test (we cover THC detox kits here). 


  • Vinegar (any kind or brand of vinegar will do; the important part is the acetic acid within vinegar)
  • Shampoo (usual recommendations are Neutrogena T-Sal or Clean and Clear; you’re looking for salicylic acid)
  • Aloe Toxin Rid Old Formula (remember, the new formula is garbage, so use the old stuff)
  • Liquid detergent (the original recommendation was Tide Liquid detergent)

Macujo Method Procedure:

  1. Using warm water, get your hair damp. Not wet or soaked through, just damp.
  2. Apply the vinegar into your hair. Massage it in, all the way down into the scalp, making sure to get everything.
  3. Apply salicylic shampoo. Again, as thorough as you can. Be careful that none of that or the vinegar gets into your eyes or ears, as they will sting.
  4. Let the acids work for 30 to 45 minutes. Wrap with a towel or shower cap and go find something to do.
  5. After that period, rinse using Aloe Toxin Rid detox shampoo . Apply twice.
  6. Apply liquid detergent, very sparingly, Again, be careful it doesn’t get anywhere, or it’ll hurt. Keep applying the detergent until your hair comes out squeaky when rubbed.

Repeat the entire procedure after an interval to let your hair rest and recover. Ten hours should do it. You should be doing it five times over three days at the very minimum, and more applications for longer is even better, to be sure of stripping out all drug traces from your hair.

All this can be very hard on your hair and scalp, so if you have enough time, space out the applications to let them recover. With your hair, an application of conditioner after the cleansing will help keep strands healthy.

Your scalp may react with reddening, skin irritation, and a feeling of burning. This is normal with such harsh treatment, but again, more time between applications will help this subside. But check your hair thoroughly if the irritation and burning feel particularly bad.

How It Works

The Basics of Hair Follicle Tests

hair follicle imageA hair follicle test examines your hair for drug compounds deposited while the hair was growing. Most hair tests take a 1.5-inch length of hair, generally taken from your head. Hair is fed by your body, and anything your body does is affected by what you take in.

The difference between hair tests and other drug tests is that hair doesn’t renew itself after it’s grown, and thus any drug compounds that made their way into the bloodstream are incorporated into your hair, and stay there. That’s what a hair test is looking for.

Now, how do hair tests compare against other drug tests? They’re not as common as urine tests, as they’re a bit more expensive. Unless you work in certain industries or have a really paranoid employer, you won’t be seeing hair tests all that frequently.

What makes a hair test different from a urinalysis is what it sees. A urine test can see what drugs you’ve taken in the past seven days, or longer, if you’re a heavy user of that substance. A hair test, on the other hand, can show drug use over the past 90 days. (Hair grows at an average rate of half an inch per month, and since they take a 1.5-inch length, you can do the math.)

So, what does this mean for you? Your regular hits off the bong are definitely going to show on the test. Detox drinks won’t help, because it’s already in your hair. This is why the Macujo Method and other, similar solutions are necessary. That’s what you have to do to make sure the lab techs don’t find anything.

It’s not all bad news. Hair takes time to grow, so a hair test won’t see that you took a hit off your bong yesterday. A hair test can’t see very occasional use, because substance use has to be frequent and concentrated enough to make a mark on your bloodstream. A very casual user won’t have anything to worry about.

We’ve guides on best ways to pass a urine test and another one on how to beat a hair strand drug test here.

How the Macujo Method Works

The Macujo Method aims to strip the drug traces from your hair. It’s a matter of how substances interact with your hair; that’s why the ingredients list above has been annotated with what’s important.

hair washingIt’s all about pH levels. Bases or alkalines, which have a pH level above 7, open up your hair, letting other substances go in; commercial dyes generally have a bit of bases in them to help put apply color. On the opposite side of the scale, acids have a pH level below 7, and close up the hair, also helping in softening the hair and making it look shiny.

This is what’s behind the ingredients above. The only hard-and-fast requirement is the Toxin Rid. The acids are easy enough to get (vinegar especially), while baking soda serves as a decent replacement for liquid detergent.

Of course, you’ll also have noticed that the order of application seems backwards, as the Macujo starts with the acids. Others have also noticed this, which is why some use the reverse Macujo method, applying the bases first and then going on to the acids. Passes have been reported no matter which way it goes, so use your best judgment. Some do it both ways.

FAQs About the Macujo Method

What type of employer usually uses hair tests?

This largely depends on the employer. Hair tests are more expensive than urine tests, and they reveal habitual use over a given period. However, they are almost universal in the oil, gas, and petroleum industries, no matter your position; whether you’re jockeying a rig or just doing marketing, expect a hair test.

Can I replace the Toxin Rid with another type of shampoo?

aloe toxin rid old style shampooAloe Toxin Rid Shampoo is specifically formulated to go into your hair and remove pretty much anything untoward in there, like pollutants, chlorine, minerals from hard water, and so on. THC also counts there. The thing is that all reports of the new formula say it’s much less effective, so we have to stress here: Old Formula only. The only thing that comes close to its effectiveness is Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo, so if you really can’t get your hands on Aloe Toxin Rid, it’ll do.

Check our guide on the best hair detoxification shampoo to get an idea why we insist on using Old Formula Toxin Rid only.

I’m African-American, do I need to do anything special with my hair?

Afro-textured hair tends to grow slower and hold more drug traces, but the Macujo will still work for you. A few extra applications wouldn’t hurt, though. If you use hair relaxer, then excellent news: relaxer is a scientifically-proven way of removing drug compounds from the hair. Couple that with regular use of Toxin Rid, and you’ll be fine.

Rinsing It All Out

You will need to be particularly thorough, especially if you have an established drug-habit, but it’s well worth the effort. While the Macujo Method is hard on your hair and needs a little investment with its ingredients, it’s worked magnificently for a lot of people, and it will work for you too.

Here are 3 final pieces of advice on the Macujo Method:

  1. Remember to be thorough with your wash, don’t take any shortcuts.
  2. Don’t let the acids or the detergent near your eyes or face.
  3. Only ever use the old formula of Aloe Toxin Rid.