P-Sure Review: Can You Trust It to Work?

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It’s the weekend, and your friends invited you to a crazy party. You accept the invitation and figure, “Why not live a little?” The drinks are pouring, the company is good, and the music is amazing. You wake up the next day with a dry mouth and violent headache, but no regrets—except maybe for the part of the evening that got a little too fuzzy.

You suddenly remember that you got a notice from your boss for a random drug screening next week. You think you’re not going to have any problems, but it’s hard to tell because you don’t remember everything clearly from last night. It crosses your mind that maybe you took something you shouldn’t have, or that you should have kept an eye on how much you’re drinking.

Was there something in that brownie? Did you watch your cup the whole time at the party? Before you know it, your palms sweat and intense panic sets in. What if you get a call to clear your desk? What are people going to think if you get fired for a fake positive or a failed test?

Failing a urine test can have serious social and financial consequences. It can permanently go on your employment record, get you fired, or keep you from getting hired in the first place. You can’t be too careful when even eating too many poppy seed muffins can result in false positives for opiates. Are you going to let one slip or crappy decision ruin the rest of your life?

Synthetic Urine Could Help You Keep Your Job

People have been trying the old switcheroo for years: they try to bring someone else’s pee in for a urine test so they can pass with flying colors. It seems like a good idea because it’s real urine, but you don’t know what your friends or family are up to. You can’t guarantee that their pee won’t get you in trouble either, and some people have found themselves in the awful situation of testing positive for something they never even took.

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You could put yourself through a detox. A lot of people worrying about urine test results chug down cranberry juice and smoothies, or increase their workouts to sweat some more. They can drink a lot of water, or down diuretics like coffee to make them pee a lot more. They even take expensive herbal supplements! Unfortunately, detoxes aren’t a good option if your test is coming up soon.

A proper detox will take weeks to get you squeaky-clean. You also have to watch your diet on a detox, if you eat too many fat-soluble foods you can inadvertently extend the amount of time that certain chemicals remain in your system. That stuff can linger in pockets of fat in the body long after you’ve taken them and despite detox efforts, sometimes drugs can take months before it leaves your system. So detoxing is hardly an exact science.

Fortunately for all you party goers out there, synthetic urine a very viable alternative, and can be pretty good at mimicking the real thing when mixed properly. There are many options for synthetic urine (you can find the best choice here), but we don’t advise that you roll the dice on something cheap and unreliable. For my money, I’d pick Quick Fix Plus (read more), it’s a dependable and affordable substitute that can help you pass any urine test with no issue.

What is P-Sure Urine?

P-Sure is a pre-mixed synthetic urine that comes with its own warmer and temperature reading strip. P-Sure even has the slight yellow tinge of real urine. It’s made up of uric acid and various salts and proteins that are naturally present in pee; things like creatinine, albumin powder, sodium phosphate, and sodium chloride.

To use P-Sure, all you have to do is warm it up a little bit in the microwave. You can do that as early as six hours before the test. After it’s been warmed, make sure you check the sample’s temperature so it’s still within a range similar to fresh pee. Once warmed, keep in its little warmer on your body. Try to avoid handling it too much so the temperature is constant.

Once you’ve gotten it in with you behind the door, discreetly take it out, do your thing, then hand it to the proctor. If you did everything correctly this substitution will go off without a hitch.

Does P-Sure Contain Uric Acid?

Yes, P-sure contain the right concentration of uric acid that’s especially important in this mixture.

It’s the uric acid that’s especially important in this mixture. Uric acid is a substance that’s made by the body when it breaks down purines. It’s basically a giant marker that says to the drug testing machine: “Hey, this is human pee!”. Having it in your synthetic urine is especially important as most tests first focus on the presence of uric acid to confirm that the substance is indeed pee, and it proceeds to test for drug results. If your synthetic urine doesn’t have the right concentration of uric acid, then it will be rejected as fake pee faster than you can blink!

Can You Trust P-Sure to Work?

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No product is flawless, and if you want a passing grade you’re going to have to follow the instructions very closely. Keeping an eye on the reading by the temperature strip, it’s important! If you let it cool for too long or if you heated it way too much, you are not going to pass.

Although the vast majority of users reported using P-Sure and passing their urine drug tests without any problems whatsoever. There has been the rare occasion where P-Sure users have reported failing, but this was always due to the temperature difference and poor stealth.

If you want to be absolutely certain of success, it might be an idea to get some practice in. Just get yourself a couple extra kits, learn the ins an outs, and when it comes to the actual test day you’ll be familiar with the steps.

Be careful of shady websites that try to peddle products which are allegedly P-Sure. Get yourself the real deal from a reliable retailer, so you don’t get scammed with fake or expired products that will land you in trouble. The few dollars you’ll save from a dodgy retailer isn’t going to matter much when you lose your job!


While P-Sure is a solid product, if you want to be absolutely certain that you’ll pass your test, you need to bring out the big guns! If it was my job on the line, I’d be buying Quick Fix 6.2 over P-Sure every time.

If you need to take a test before you get hired for that amazing new job, or if your intrusive workplace just wants everyone to get tested, Quick Fix Plus is your ace-in-the-hole for drug tests. Just follow the steps correctly any drug test will be a breeze.

Save yourself the embarrassment and financial distress of failing that dreaded urine exam. Stop worrying and enjoy the peace of mind of a guaranteed pass.