Stat Flush Review: Does It Really Work?

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Drug tests are an unfortunate reality in most people’s lives. If you work at a company where they respect your privacy, you’re lucky! There’s nothing worse than getting sprung with a surprise drug test and knowing you’re going piss hot. I’ve had this happen to me and I almost lost my job for it! But luckily, I found a solution.

The best way to pass a drug test is to detox the hell out of your body! It sounds scary but it’s really not – most good detox brands use natural ingredients for their products, so you won’t have to worry too much about what you’re going to put your body go through.

There are tons of brands out there that claim they have the best detox product,  but there’s really no way to be sure unless you try every single one of them. Lucky for you, I’ve done the work for you. Today, I’ll be trying and reviewing Stat Flush pills to see if they really work. Keep reading to see what’s in them, how they work, and if they’re the solution you’ve been looking for.

What Are Stat Flush Pills?

Best Detox Pills for Drug TestStat Flush pills help your body flush out drug metabolites that can be detected with a drug test. It does this is using a blend of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals to help expel the toxins in your body.

It’s best used when you find yourself facing a surprise drug test with not enough time to prepare for it. Other products usually require at least five days or more for it to work, but Stat Flush only needs a few hours, which is a lot easier and more practical. Taking your detox pills a few hours before your drug exam does sound pretty risky, so it’s not surprising that Stat Flush has somewhat mixed results!

How It Works

Another reason why it’s so popular is because of how simple it is to use. A Stat Flush kit comes with just 5 capsules so all you’ll really need is water to make it work!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, stop using any kind of drug the moment you find out when your drug test is going to be. This will make it easier for your body to flush out those toxins!
  • Focus on eating whole grain foods with high fiber content, drink lots of water, and make sure you get proper sleep. These are just little things that you can do to help your body get rid of any substances in your system.
  • On the day of your exam, take all 5 pills of Stat Flush, making sure that there’s a 10-minute interval per pill. 
  • Drink around 32 to 40 oz. of water with the pills but be mindful not to drink more than 40 oz. If you do, the pills will be too diluted in water and might be ineffective.
  • Pee at least 2 or 3 times before you go in and submit a sample. This is a very important step because if you don’t do this, your results might come out positive and you’ll end up failing your drug test!

That’s it! It’s one of the easiest detox pills to use out there, all you have to be mindful of is the amount of water you drink and the time. Remember that you’re supposed to take the pills at least an hour before your drug test, considering that the effects of the pills last for around 3 to 4 hours so make sure you time this well!

Another thing to remember about Stat Flush (or, at least, detox plans in general) is that they don’t exactly remove the toxins from your body but they hide and dilute the toxins for a short period of time and make them untraceable. It’s the reason why detox plans are so risky – if you fail to follow instructions or if you get a low-quality product, chances are that you’ll fail your drug test.

Stat Flush Review: Results

When it comes to instant detox pills, Stat Flush is above average for sure! It’s highly effective, easy to use, and works for a wide variety of drugs. 

One thing to take note of is that there’s no one formula for everyone. Depending on your body type and smoking habits, you might need to take a second bottle of pills if you’re a heavy smoker or have a heavy build. I’m a light smoker and so I only took the recommended dosage of one bottle which was enough to help me pass my drug test.


If you’re super short on time and can’t prepare properly for your drug test, then I would suggest Stat Flush pills as an option for you. It’s easy to use and pretty strong, and stand a good chance of helping you pass your test; not to mention that they’re also pretty cheap, selling for around $30 online. Just remember to never buy from shops like Amazon or eBay as the ones on there are most likely old or expired stock – stick with official manufacturer websites for your purchases!

But the inherent problem with 1-day detox pills is that they don’t work 100% of the time. There are a ton of variables that could affect your pass-rate like your weight, your diet, your drug-use, and even the specific batch of pills.

If you’ve got a test coming up in less than a day then Stat Flush might be your only option. But if you have time, I would strongly suggest going with other options instead. Brands like Toxin Rid and Clear Choice offer both ten and five-day detox plans that give your body enough time to speed up its natural detoxifying process effectively. 

So, in summary, I would recommend Stat Flush only if you don’t have the time to prepare for your drug test. Otherwise, I’d go for Toxin Rid detox pills which gives your body time to flush out any toxins it has in its system. Check out our recommended list of detox pills here!

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