Urine the Clear Review: The Best Way to Avoid a Positive Pee Test

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Back in the day, you could use whatever drug you wanted whenever you wanted, and your employer would be none the wiser. You could party freely without the looming threat of unemployment hanging over your head.

Things have changed, though, and now companies are more uptight than ever about illicit drug use that takes place among their employees. And nothing encapsulates this new uptight culture more visibly than drug screening and random drug tests.

The only recourse for employed recreational users (that doesn’t involve stopping cold turkey) is to try to cheat these tests. Luckily, there’s a whole industry that revolves entirely around helping you pass drug tests—and who better to turn to than some of the companies that helped pioneer drug testing in the first place!

What is Urine the Clear?

You read that right. There are products out there that are designed to cheat drug tests, which were in fact developed by the companies that supplied drug testing labs with their reference testing samples. Urine The Clear is a product that’s produced by one of these companies, and its unique selling point is that it’s composed of nothing but pure, unadulterated human urine.

That’s right—you’re buying someone else’s pee.

And that’s a good thing! Urine The Clear is produced from paid male human donors whose urine is certified to be fully drug-free. It’s just like asking for pee from a friend or a stranger on the street, except you pay for the guarantee that it’s going to pass any drug test, and maybe for the avoidance of the embarrassment of asking for pee.

Urine The Clear comes in both frozen and dehydrated kits. Frozen kits can be stored for a year in the freezer, while dehydrated kits can be stored at room temperature for up to a year, and need to be mixed together with included distilled water vials to prepare the sample. Both kits need to be heated with an included heating element in order to bring them up to the correct temperature for urine.

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How Effective Is Urine the Clear?

Urine The Clear is made from real pee that has undergone full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry urinalysis. That’s the most precise drug test that you can reasonably expect to encounter, and this means that any Urine The Clear pee sample you purchase has already undergone the same (or better) testing to which you may be subjected.

In fact, Urine The Clear’s manufacturer outright states that they’ve never sold a positive-testing urine kit in their entire time on the market.

It’s important to note that Urine The Clear uses male urine samples because there’s a measurable difference between male and female urine. If you’re female and are looking for absolute authenticity in your urine, you might want to look elsewhere to solve your drug testing woes.

How Does Urine the Clear Compare to Other Urine Products?

Urine The Clear’s authentic pee proposition comes in contrast to other products that are on the market, such as synthetic urine and urine additives (we’ve actually reviewed a bunch of them on this page). These aim to attack the test’s parameters rather than going for the real deal, an approach that comes with its own limitations.

Synthetic urine needs to contain everything that the urinalysis labs can measure in order to pass off as the real thing. It needs to contain uric acid and creatinine in order to look like real pee to the lab tests, and it also needs to be the right temperature, pH level, and color as well. Any of these things could be missed by a cheap synthetic urine manufacturer—and if the labs catch on, then you’ll be flagged not only for potential drug use, but also for use of synthetic urine, which could look pretty bad on your record!

Urine additives, on the other hand, aim to neutralize the nicotine compounds in your own drug-positive urine in order to prevent it from returning a positive result in the labs. Like Urine The Clear, you are of course submitting an authentic urine sample to the labs, but the problem lies in how additives aren’t 100% successful. If you don’t mix your additive and sample solution for a long enough time, there might still be traces of nicotine compounds that could show up in results.

Urine The Clear has none of these disadvantages. You order a kit, you give your sample, and you’re ready to pass that test!

How Much Does Urine the Clear Cost?

United States fifty-dollar bills

One thing’s for sure—you get what you pay for with Urine The Clear. At $59.95 and $99.95 for a single-use and “full” kit respectively, it’s among the most expensive urine products on the market.

But ask yourself this:

Are you willing to roll the dice with your job to save $20, maybe $30 on a cheaper and potentially less reliable product? Remember, anything less than 100% means you’re gambling with your livelihood.

This is just one more reason we’d advise taking a pass on Urine the Clear and opting for Quick Fix 6.2 instead. It’s generally available through more trustworthy website and guarantees up to 99.99% success rate.

And, if you want to learn more about Quick Fix Plus, you can read our very detailed review of it here

The fact is, Urine The Clear is a literally tried and tested product—tried and tested by the same companies that make the drug tests you’re trying to defeat. You need a best-in-class product if you want to keep your job! 


Urine The Clear is a great product and provides great service, but it’s not perfect. It’s rather expensive, it won’t work for women, and it’s kind of gross to have to lug around someone else’s pee. If you happen to be a wealthy man, then it’s not a bad deal, but overall I would still recommend Quick Fix 6.2.

Quick Fix is laboratory tested, has a near 100% pass rate, will work for both genders, and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than Urine The Clear. There’s nothing quite like the real deal, and the team behind Quick Fix has been in the synthetic urine game for a LONG time. Their reputation is well deserved.

That’s why our urine product of choice is Quick Fix 6.2. It gives you that coveted peace of mind knowing that you’ll always be able to pass a test. So whether you’re applying for a new job or staying on your toes in preparation for a random test, Quick Fix won’t let you down.