Where to Buy Synthetic Urine Near Me? Find Nearby Synthetic Urine Reviews

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urine sampleSynthetic urine is artificially produced bioidentical fake pee. If you live a rather ‘straight edge’ life, you might have never heard of it, but it’s an extremely reliable product used to pass urine-based drug tests.

Synthetic urine is created by a variety of companies and thus comes at different quality depending on where you buy it from. Some kits are designed extremely careful with a highly delicate mix of ingredients; these will help you pass a drug test every time. And some are lazily put together and will draw a failure if tested on a modern machine.

The absolute best way to pass a drug test is to detox naturally and give a naturally clean result, and there are some marijuana detox programs that can help you speed up the process of detoxification. However, this method will almost always take a minimum of 10 days. If you’re short on time, Synthetic Urine should be your go-to solution.

High-quality synthetic urine kits will usually come with everything you need to pass with flying colors. The good kits include; premixed urine, a heating pad to keep it warm, and a temperature strip. If you need extra stealth, you can also buy a synthetic penis to make it look like your passing the sample yourself.

Quick Note: I use Quick Fix Synthetic urine from www.quickfixsynthetic.com which in my opinion is the best fake pee to pass a urine test for a couple of good reasons. We’ve got a fuller review of Quick Fix on this website, so if you’re interested check that out here.

Where Do I Buy Synthetic Urine (Near Me) Locally?

You can’t just walk into the mall and ask if they sell fake pee.

You’ve basically got three options here: Walmart, online, or a head shop near you.

Unfortunately, Walmart is a no go if you’re looking to pass a drug test. Walmart stocks synthetic urine for hunters to attract deer. This sort of hunting synthetic urine is not going to help you pass a drug test!

Lab-grade synthetic urine is made for the sole purpose of fooling drug tests, by employing a highly specific formula that makes it completely identical to human pee. When your job is on the line, you don’t want to trust anything else.

Head shops know all the problems that their customers go through, and the good ones will offer a selection of detox products and other options to beat a drug test. However, not all products are made equal, so if you’re left at the mercy of their stock choices you might end up with a sub-par product.

With that in mind, online is honestly a better option. When you order online you have the luxury of choice. There’s a veritable lineup of perfectly good synthetic urine brands available, and the good ones will get you your pass 100% of the time.

Another great thing about this stuff online is that all your tracks are covered. There’s no contact with anyone who might remember your face, and shipping is fast, sometimes arriving the next day. The packaging is discreet, so no busybodies can figure out what you’ve just bought. And above all, assured quality; some of the best brands of synthetic urine are only available online.

What Should I Get?

quick fix plus pee new formula

There are a good few brands out there, some of them quite good. But in our considered opinion, none of them are quite as good as Quick Fix Synthetic urine.

You may have heard the name already. Quick Fix is well-known as the top synthetic urine brand on the market, and for good reason. It’s used to calibrate drug testing equipment, and its makers, Spectrum Labs, keep the formula updated constantly. 

Some head shops do sell Quick Fix, but it’s entirely possible that they might not stock the latest version (Version 6.2). If you want to get the real deal, buy Quick Fix online here. The Quick Fix website also offers package deals; it can never hurt to get a few extra just in case you run into another drug test somewhere down the line.


There are head shops that sell fake urine out there, and if they do stock the good stuff, then you’re in good hands. But what if they don’t? For best assurance, quick delivery, and complete discretion, online is a much better option. Get your synthetic urine from www.quickfixsynthetic.com, and you’ll pass your urine test without a hitch!