Xstream Synthetic Urine Review: Does it Work in 2019?

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In 2019, recreational marijuana users still have a long way to go until their habit is accepted as anything less than a hazard! Most workplaces still require drug tests before getting a job, and some places even do routine drug tests on all current employees, just to make sure that they’re staying clean. 

A quick search on Google will show you a million and one ways to get passing results; detoxes, diets, purges, and all kinds of teas and juices make the same claim with varying results. 

The real pros know that the only reliable way to pass a drug test is to use fake pee.

Fake pee (or synthetic urine) is a practical solution for passing drug tests. When used correctly, fake pee will produce the desired results every single time. The key is in finding a reliable brand that works and snub the brands that don’t. Our review will give you the cold, hard facts on two of the most-known synthetic urine brands: Xstream and Sub Solution.

What to Look for in Good Fake Pee

When picking your choice of fake pee, the success rate is crucial. A reliable formula that always passes the test wins over second-rate products any day. What’s important is that your choice in fake pee can consistently imitate the various qualities that make up real urine, like:

  • Uric acid/urea content
  • Creatinine levels
  • Specific gravity (the density compared to a standard, like water)
  • pH level (acidity or alkalinity)
  • Observable qualities (e.g. appearance, consistency, smell)

Another important factor to note is the ease of use. Your standard drug test doesn’t give you much room for maneuvering or pulling any stunts, so ease of preparation is key to success. If it takes too much effort to get the fake pee ready for dispensing for the test, then its formula isn’t worth much.

In discussing both Xstream and Sub Solution, we’ll also be tackling the notable differences between the two products. Not all fake pee is created equal and there is value in seeing what each brand has to offer. This also includes looking at where any honest guy or gal can get their hands on these products.

XStream Alternative
Sub Solution
Sub Solution is the best and most reliable Xstream synthetic urine alternative on the market with over 99.99% success rate. It accurately replicates normal urine and comes with their patented heat activator formula.

What Is Xstream Synthetic Urine?

If you’ve encountered Xstream in your search online, you’ll notice that the product is marketed as “fetish urine.” Unlike its leading competitors, Xstream’s product started out for fetish play rather than for passing drug tests. 

Since then, Xstream synthetic urine has changed its formulation in order to deliver better results for drug tests. However, their product’s main focus is to be sellable to the fetish community. This is apparent in the features that set it apart from Sub Solution’s product.

As Xstream has been around in the market for a while, Xstream synthetic urine kits are stocked by a number of online stores. 

Unique Product Features

As Xstream synthetic urine was designed with fetish play in mind,  the product looks like genuine human urine. Part of its formulation includes chemicals that allow it to foam a bit when shaken in a container. It also smells incredibly close to authentic pee. 

These traits set Xstream fake pee aside from its competitors. The look and smell of it make it ideal for supervised drug tests. Any personnel on-watch will be less on-guard, given what they see and whiff may as well be the real thing.

But will looking convincing be enough to deliver you a passing result? This is where Xstream falls short.

Product Performance

For its formula, Xstream claims to have a passable mix of the usual urine components although it is not the most accurate formula available. However, Xstream’s formulation is not to blame for the negative reviews. The reason that many people report failing drug tests may be due to the temperature of the sample.

xstream synthetic urineIt’s not enough that your fake pee of choice has the right chemical makeup. It needs to mimic the temperature that natural human urine is at. Most synthetic urine products (check best synthetic urine kits) provide ways for you to keep the fake sample at the ideal temperature of 90-100 degrees. Xstream’s product stumbles on this important factor in two ways.

First, Xstream’s fake pee kit comes with a hand warmer that should heat your sample up. However, this hand warmer is poorly made and will not keep the pee at the correct temperature. Second, Xstream’s sample bottle has its own temperature indicator. Unfortunately, this indicator is inaccurate, which means that you may have difficulty knowing if its at the right temperature.

Why Sub Solution is the Best Brand for You

So if you can’t rely on Xstream to deliver the results you need, what will? This is where Sub Solution comes in. Sub Solution synthetic urine kit is the go-to product for many, attributing their passed tests to the brand’s excellent formula and easy-to-use kit. 

In terms of availability, Sub Solution can be purchased directly from their official website only.

Product Performance

Its latest version, Sub Solution synthetic urine, features an updated formula that accurately reflects certain chemicals that work even under more rigorous and newer testing methods. The reformulation improves on the urea content of the product, better reflecting the presence of specific elements, such as nitrogen.

It is this formula that makes Sub Solution deliver consistent results for its users, making it a reliable product for passing drug tests. 

Read our sub solution synthetic urine review here, the best synthetic urine kit on the market right now.

Ease of Use

Sub Solution is also one of the easiest kits to use on the market because the fake pee is ready to use right from the get-go. Unlike other synthetic urine kits that require the user to mix together powder and water, Sub Solution is already in its liquid form and only requires heating before use. The kit also comes with its own heat pack, temperature strip, and an instruction sheet for your convenience.

Simply heat the bottle of fake pee in a microwave for ten seconds or attach it to the heat pack for an hour to achieve the right body temperature. The heat pack can also be used to keep your sample warm until you’re ready to dispense it.

Final Thoughts

Xstream synthetic urine definitely looks and smells convincing, but it’s the kit’s poor quality that pulls it down. The passable formula and convincing look are easily dragged down by a missing vital component: keeping and maintaining the acceptable temperature.

Overall, Sub Solution synthetic urine is the clear choice between the two brands for passing your drug tests. Its formulation has been designed to keep up with the newer developments in drug testing. This not only demonstrates the quality of the product but the dedication of the manufacturers to bringing high-quality products to its customer base.

Using Sub Solution is a no-brainer. With the fake pee already in liquid form, you avoid the possible errors that can arise from having to mix it yourself. 

All in all, if you want value for your money and results that won’t let you down, Sub Solution is the best synthetic urine for you. You can get it directly from their Official Site at a discounted rate.